Teaching Residency with HVCCA + Peekskill High School

It was a pleasure working with Peekskill Highschool's teachers and students. During this 10 day intensive project, students learned about the history of cochineal, how it is integrated in my practice, and the intertwined histories that is represented in the color. The history of cochineal is intertwined with Spain’s colonization in the Philippines. That period was a time when Philippines was introduced to Christianity, language, a way of life, new technologies —and with that the science of dyes. Students learned the process about boiling cochineal and the color combinations produced when it is mixed with alum, tin, oxalic acids, and iron. 

The collaborative project is an invitation for the students to use the lense in which think and work with my materials as a reflection of their own culture. 

Kristianne Molina